Hello to anyone who happens upon this blog I created randomly on a rainy Sunday afternoon. As you can tell from the title, I am a Big Girl. No, not in the sense that I am old, but in the sense that when I go shopping with my skinny girlfriends I have to pretend I am super interested in the jewelry rack while they pursue the store for their size two body con dress! Ya, that kind of big.

Let’s look at the word big for a second. It is a subjective term. It means something different to all people. For example, I consider myself a Big Girl at a size twenty something or another. However, I have friends who are perfect size ten who consider themselves to be big. Whereas I would kill to have their rocking, strong bodies, they would kill to be half their size. It is an insane concept to me, but that is the way our minds have been programed. What really intrigues me, though I would never ask, is if they think they are big at a ten, do they think my size twenty ass could crush an eighteen wheeler if I sat on it? Do I make whales look like super models? While I am obviously being dramatic in my comparisons, there is always truth in jest. And while I don’t believe I could crush an eighteen wheeler, or that I make whales look hot, I do wonder about the worlds perception of big.

I have read other blogs, articles, books, and statements from Big Girls about being big, I have not yet found a voice  to be authentic, organic, and raw. There is always a political agenda behind their words. And while that is fine, and while I am so happy to see plus size models that actually look like me, I want more. I want truth, and I wasn’t finding it. So I decided to be the voice I sought after. The voice that would be honest about what it is like the be a Big Girl in a Skinny World.

Here goes nothing Skinny World… Just a Big Girl writing the truth.



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