I use to work as a janitor. It was a great job with great hours that coincided well with my school schedule. I could wear whatever I wanted, which usually meant I was in yoga pants, and a tank top. It gets hot scrubbing bathroom floors.

I worked for a woman I consider a second mom, and her grandkids where like my own nephews. Well one day, my “nephews” were at the pool with their mom while I was working inside cleaning the clubhouse that attached to the pool. My nephew was maybe six at the time, and he came inside to give me water. He is a truly sweet kid. As he was giving me the water he noticed my exposed arms. He said, “Aunty what big muscles you have!” His child-like naivety thought my fat, bingo arms were muscle-man arms. I couldn’t stop laughing. He said it so impressed. So proud that his Aunty was so “strong.”

I love the innocence of children. Their ability to see the positive, the good.

What I most love is that they are so honest, but their honesty does not come from a vindictive place. They have no filter. They say whatever pops into their ever-growing minds.

At what age did we, adults, lose that? Why do we filter ourselves, why are we so negative and just plain mean. We are judgmental, we compare ourselves to others, we are always looking for better, missing out on what is in front of us! Why? Where did our innocence go? Why do we have to lose it?

I watched a Facebook video the other day. It was a compilation of kids helping other kids succeed even if it meant they “lost.” But did they really lose? Or did they win by being better people. By being better humans? Did they win because they remembered humanity, and remember to be kind.

I wish I was as innocent as a child. To be blissfully happy, to have the imagination to turn a pen into a plane. To be sweet enough to stop playing in the pool with my friends to bring my Aunty a water and compliment her “muscles.”



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